1. ABC Myrtle Beach

    Jonathon Schultheiss appears on ABC15 Myrtle Beach and shares tips from his book FOCUSED with Crystal Costa.  …Read More

  2. Jonathon Schultheiss on CBS Roanoke

      FOCUSED on CBS Roanoke Jonathon discusses with Logan Sherrill of WDBJ7, 5 simple tips from his book FOCUSED, The Financial Freedom Formula. You can get your very own copy by clicking HERE.…Read More

  3. NBC Albuquerque

    Jonathon Shares 5 Money Making and Saving Tips Jonathon shares 5 Tips with NBC Albuquerque from his book FOCUSED, The Financial Freedom Formula. The tips are: The eBay Check Before you make that next big purchase, shop eBay for sales and discounts. Stop stepping over cash at home There is most likel…Read More

  4. AZTV Interview

      Jonathon Schultheiss on AZTV Phoenix Jonathon shares some simple tips on how to save and make money from his book FOCUSED, The Financial Freedom Formula.  You can click HERE to request your copy of FOCUSED.…Read More

  5. Jonathon’s Speech at the NASDAQ

    Jonathon Schulthiess Speaks at the NASDAQ  What an awesome opportunity to share my story with other great business owners at the NASDAQ and to talk about my new book FOCUSED, The Financial Freedom Formula.  FOCUSED is my second book in a series of books designed to help companies build better 401(…Read More

  6. KOB4 Interview

    Fidelity reports that the number of 401(k) Millionaires has hit an all time last year. Up 41% in the third quarter to a record on 187,400.  Are there things you can do tot help become the next 401(k) Millionaire? Jonathon Schultheiss shares 5 tips that anyone can use to hopefully become the next 40…Read More