disTRACTed, The Secret to Getting Americas Retirement Plans Back on Track

disTRACTed, is a book written for plan sponsors that gives them tips and tricks they can use to create better retirement programs for their company.

If you are wanting to build a more successful retirement program, you should start by reading disTRACKted today.

FOCUSED, The Financial Freedom Formula

The FOCUSED book and The FOCUSED process was designed to educate participants.  It gives a simple formula that participants can use to better understand their personal finances.  It is a step by step process for getting out of debt and saving for the future.  Research shows that participants who are better financially prepared are more productive and profitable employees.  FOCUSED is the blueprint for employees to be better financially prepared and more profitable employees. You can learn more and watch videos that correspond with the concepts of the book by visiting www.TheFocusedBook.com.