Jonathon Shares 5 Money Making and Saving Tips

Jonathon shares 5 Tips with NBC Albuquerque from his book FOCUSED, The Financial Freedom Formula.

The tips are:

  1. The eBay Check

Before you make that next big purchase, shop eBay for sales and discounts.

  1. Stop stepping over cash at home

There is most likely things you have laying around the house that you could see on either eBay or Facebook                      Market Place.

  1. Save money with Starbucks 

For about the same cost as a cup of coffee you can buy a pack of Starbucks at the grocery store.

  1. Make money with your spare bedroom

You Airbnb to rent out a spare room in you house.

  1. Pay yourself to go shopping and save money

When you save money, actually put that money into your savings account and pay it to yourself.

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