Fidelity reports that the number of 401(k) Millionaires has hit an all time last year.

Up 41% in the third quarter to a record on 187,400.  Are there things you can do tot help become the next 401(k) Millionaire?

Jonathon Schultheiss shares 5 tips that anyone can use to hopefully become the next 401(k) Millionaire.

Her they are:

  1. Get enrolled right away, don’t waist time.
  2.  Make sure you contribute up to your company match.  Don’t leave money on the table.
  3. Increase you contribution by 1% each year.
  4. Avoid taking 401(k) loans.
  5. Have an annual checkup with your financial advisor.

Following these simple steps can help you become the next 401(k) Millionaire.